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MDL T8 LED Louver Light Fixture Model: MDL-SF8

● More efficient: led grid troflfer is more effective than traditional bulb. A 1W LED Bulb is equals to a 10W traditional bulb, 90% of the electrical power can be saved. 

● Much safer:led grid troffer generates little heat, apprightoximately 50 degree centigrade, much safer than traditional lamp which might generate heat up to 2000 degrees in its core. 

Products Description


● Tri-phosphor powder tube,high energy-saving,save 30% energy compared with traditional fluorescent tube.

● Bottom plate:New inclined plane design and super -thin design,apply to many kinds of ceiling grid.

● Body:06mm advanced high strength steel,will be stainless for more than 8 years with normal indoor use.

● Reflector:Imported anodizing aluminium(mirror /mist surface),no color change for more than 8 years with normal indoor use.

● Fittings:High quality electronic ballasts,high efficiency,energy-saving and long life span service.

● Easy Installation: Remove the quartz lamp cup, and reace the led grid troffer

● Application:Commercial lighting ,office block,library,etc.


● Input Voltage: AC220-240V 50/60Hz

● Beam angle: 120degree

● Power Factor: >0.9

● THD<15%


● Lamp panel: using the high quality cold-rolled steel plate.

● Surface: anti-rust, anti- corrosion.

● Lamp holder: adopts rotary structure, flame retardant material.

● Wires: with high temperature resistant flame retardant materials.

● Ballast:high frequency electronic ballast. Energy saving, low temperature, long service life.

● Reflective material: matte or mirror reflective aluminum for option.

● Installation: ceiling mounted, wall mounted, suspended

● -20℃ ~ +50℃ operating temperature

● -20℃ ~ +50℃ storage temperature


T8 LED Louver Light Fixture Model: MDL-SF8


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