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MDL T8 LED Explosion proof Light Model: MDL-SF6

● More efficient: led grid troflfer is more effective than traditional bulb. A 1W LED Bulb is equals to a 10W traditional bulb, 90% of the electrical power can be saved. 

● Much safer:led grid troffer generates little heat, apprightoximately 50 degree centigrade, much safer than traditional lamp which might generate heat up to 2000 degrees in its core. 

Products Description

 Product Features

● optical system features: imported chips are preferred, with excellent optical maintenance rate and high light efficiency. Surface mount technology (SMT) is adopted to greatly improve the thermal conductivity.

● Elaborate design of cellular light distribution structure, effectively improve the efficiency of lamps. 

● drive system features: constant current drive, with short circuit, overvoltage protection function. 

● With excellent electromagnetic compatibility, it will not cause any interference to other electrical appliances and transmission network. 

● With wide voltage compatibility and tolerance of 20% voltage fluctuation. The drive power is sealed with glue to ensure that the components are not corroded. 

● Characteristics of the cooling system: the three-cavity independent structure is carefully designed to ensure the stable operation of all electronic components.

● Carefully designed with air diversion structure of heat and wind channel, ensure the service life of ED light source. 

● The independent power cavity structure is carefully designed, so that the power supply is not affected by the LED heat, ensuring the stability and longevity of the work. 

● whole lamp structure features: IC class explosion-proof st

● High borosilicate steel glass, can withstand the impact of high energy. 

● All exposed fasteners and accessories are made of stainless steel with high corrosion resistance.


T8 LED Explosion proof Light Model: MDL-SF6


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