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MDL IP20 Round LED Ceiling Light for Office, Bedroom, Living Room, Corridor, Stairwell Model: MDL-CL7

● Advanced super longlife and stable driver.

● No delay on start, no warm up time required, no noise, no flickering.

● No UV or IR radiation in the beam, mercury free, lead free.

Products Description


● Rated lifetime L80: 50,000 hours

● 3000-6500K CCT;

● Lume: 100/120LM/W;

● CRI: 80/90/95 available;

● LED chips: Epistar 2835SMD  available;

● ON/OFF/PIR Motion Sensor/Radar sensor/Voice Sensor/Emergency available;

● IP Range: IP20

● Matrail: Aluminum +PC

● Body Color:  White 


● Input Voltage: AC220-240V 50/60Hz

● Beam angle: 120degree

● Driver Efficiency: >90%

● Power Factor: >0.9

● THD<15%


● Lightweight constuction allows for quick and easy installation

● Magnesium alloy heatsink for cooleroperating temperatures

● -20℃ ~ +50℃ operating temperature

● -20℃ ~ +55℃ storage temperature


LED Ceiling Light Model: MDL-CL7


●Elegant and modern

The appearance of this LED ceiling light is elegant, neat, and modern, for different lighting decoration style.

●Motion Sensor Light

This ceiling light has a built-in intelligent motion sensor which can light up if it detects the movement of objects or people in its sensing range. And it will automatically light off after 30s after people leave.


This Led light is equipped with high quality SMD LEDs, which is super bright but energy-saving,

●Soft and Bright

This overhead light gives off uniform and bright light without flickering, keeping your eyes free from harsh and glare lights.

●Wide applications

This LED motion sensor ceiling lights can sense the movement of objects, suitable for Living room, kitchen, bedroom, aisles, stairs, factories, warehouses, parking lots.


●The radiolocator surface is recommended to be installed facing the human body to achieve the best effect;

●There should be no metal around the radiolocator installation environment. Metal interference with the radiolocator will cause the motion sensing range to become shorter or malfunction;

●The installation distance between the two radiolocators needs to be more than 4 meters or more, to avoid mutual interference between the radiolocators while working at the same time, resulting in radar sensing failure.

LED Down Light Model: MDL-RDL29

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